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manual autoconfirm user

This might be based off of the registration date of the account. There are other criteria in the ACLs in the site config. Not sure how to update the database to get past that. Maybe specific edits to pages on the site must be done as that user first.

add user to "Trusted" grop

Not sure if this works, but it's possible to add people to the "Trusted" group, which is rare on the wiki, and maybe can't be set via the web interface. This might entail more than the Admin or Bureaucrat roles.

select user_id, user_name, ug_group from user u inner join user_groups g on u.user_id = g.ug_user where user_name = "Valessio" limit 10;

In this case, the UID is 2556.

insert into user_groups (ug_user, ug_group) values (2556, "Trusted")