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Renaming a list

Based on and how we do things:

Post to the list that it is being renamed, and for a few minutes it might not be working properly and they should avoid it. If this list gets lots of posts, then you may want to do something to prevent new posts, or might want to script all the below stuff so it gets done very fast. Also mention that old listinfo and archive urls will be redirected, but other urls wont be.

As root:

cd /var/lib/mailman
mv lists/$oldlist lists/$newlist
mv archives/private/$oldlist archives/private/$newlist
mv archives/private/$oldlist.mbox archives/private/$newlist.mbox
mv archives/private/$newlist.mbox/$oldlist.mbox archives/private/$newlist.mbox/$newlist.mbox

Manually run the appropriate cronjob from /etc/cron.d/mailman-export

As mharc:

cd ~/mbox

Regenerate the archive using commands from edit-lists-archive

Add redirects to the all-lists-common.conf apache file and reload apache. See the ring -> jami rename for example.

If you want the old address to continue working, update ansible-configs/roles/mailman/files/exim-conf.d/router/030_exim4-config_mailman_bogus for example, for erc-discuss rename to emacs-erc:

 driver = redirect
 local_parts = erc-discuss
 data =