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Mass removal from mailman lists

Checking what lists some email addresses are subscribed to:

# usage: EMAIL...
get-subs() {
  local email
  local -A ba
  for email; do
  cd /home/list/mailman/bin
  time for list in $(./list_lists -b); do
    for m in $(./list_members $list); do
    if [[ ${ba[$m]} ]]; then echo $list $m; fi

For example, removing 2 addresses from all lists.

list@lists1p:~/mailman/lists$ for x in */domains/; do l=${x%%/*}; ../bin/remove_members $l; done

If someone wanted removal from all mailman lists we run, remove the domains part, and run it on both our lists servers. Of course, they can always unsubscribe themselves.

Changing address

Tell them to contact each list administrator of the private lists and have them check his identity and change the subscription. For public lists, they can just subscribe using the new address, and the old address will automatically be unsubscribed when it bounces.

Changing an address could be scripted, similar to removal from all lists. If the number of lists is small, the best way is to use admin interface for each list to subscribe new address and remove subscription of old address. Example: [[!rt 1975207]]