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secure irc channel

this guide is not complete. here are a few useful commands:

register a new channel with chanserv:

/msg chanserv register #channel-name

become an operator:

/msg chanserv op #channel-name

To give full admin and founder status to a trusted staff member:

/msg chanserv flags #channel-name sudoman +AFRefiorstv

this command reserves the channel even if everyone logs out:

/msg chanserv set #channel-name guard on

this command should set secret mode so it isn't listed in /whois or /msg alis list foo:

/mode #channel-name +s

if it gets immediately unset by chanserv, run these commands:

/msg chanserv info #channel-name

Then copy and paste the mode into the next command, moving s from - to +:

/msg chanserv set mlock #channel-name +ntcs-lk

To require, or allow lack of, registration / identification with NickServ, use the above methodology, but with the r flag.