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fix ESD / enc links from Tor to clearnet

on, there is a script which gets run on a regular basis, and creates a Tor version of translated pages by replacing links to the clearnet.

One of the things the script does for each language is to replace the link to the Onion service with a link pointing back to the clearnet, including the visible text part of the link. If you get an error message like missing language conversion (we have 6 / 8), then we need to add or edit translation strings so they match.

Lines to edit or add in /root/scripts/ look like:

rewrite_tor_link_to_clearnet "en"       "This site's tor onion service"         "This site's clearnet URL"
rewrite_tor_link_to_clearnet "es"       "El servicio tor onion de este sitio"   "La URL de clearnet de este sitio"

The first bit of text that gets replaced on the Tor site must exactly match the string that is in the original translated page.