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Blocking email in exim


If the exim config has a syntax error, systemctl reload exim4 will fail with no harm because it will fail on generating the config. Fencepost is the only old exim that uses /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.

However, acls can have errors within them that prevent exim from processing messages. Tail the mainlog and look for errors. Check the paniclog. Ian knows how to test acls, he can help.

Block list files

Mailman blocklist is at roles/exim/files/mx/simple/etc/exim4/mailman-blocklist see the comments.

Sender domain blocks are documented at

Sender full address blocks are in ansible at roles/exim/files/mx/simple/etc/exim4/bad-senders.

The full address and domain blocks are matched against the "rcpt from" address, and the From: header. No globbing or pattern matching will work except the "*." prefix for domain blocks, as described in the instructions for that file. To do pattern matching, you need to add a custom acl statement.

Custom acl statements

Based on sender address

Blocking on sender envelope should be done in roles/exim/files/mx/econf/rcpt_local_acl. Blocking on headers must be done in roles/exim/files/mx/econf/data_local_acl. See those files for examples.

A thorough block will block on "rcpt from" aka "envelope from" and the From: header. If both would work and its just a spammer, its not important to block both. Lean toward an rcpt block if you are just doing one. Note, our exim puts the the envelope/rcpt from address into the Return-path: header.

deny vs discard

Use reject unless

  • Reject is causing the sender to retry and ddos us. Otherwise, reject takes less resources, especially in the rcpt acl.
  • You suspect the sender to be crafty or targeting us, and there is no chance of a false positive. Reject lets the sender know their message didn't go through


  message = fsfrule 28

Only works with reject. Aim to use this first. This message will be part of the smtp error code the sender can see and logged in the exim log. It shouldn't tell the sender exactly whats wrong, but can include asking them to email for more details, and perhaps telling them its their address or domain, so they can figure out how to get a mail through to that.

  log_message = fsfrule 29

Use log_mesage whenever message = is not appropriate.

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