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To allow volunteers in the dnsadmin group to alter the bind config:

cd /etc/bind
shopt -s extglob
chown -Rh dnsadmin !(rndc.key)
mv /etc/sudoers.d/dnsadmin.disabled /etc/sudoers.d/dnsadmin

And to remove access:

cd /etc/bind
shopt -s extglob
chown -Rh root !(rndc.key)
mv /etc/sudoers.d/dnsadmin /etc/sudoers.d/dnsadmin.disabled

Note in the post-receive hook, there are some commands that do initial bind setup. Those will fail when volunteers do a git push, but it is safe to ignore them, since bind is already setup. Currently, they are

` cd /var/lib/bind/ mkdir -p masters ln -sf /etc/bind/masters/ masters/ ln -sf /etc/bind/masters/ masters/