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Useful for testing option roms for ryf

Based on

sudo flashrom -p internal -r rom
sudo chown $USER:$USER rom
cp rom $HOSTNAME.libreboot.rom
dtrx libreboot_r20160907_seabios_d945gclf.tar.xz
cbfstool libreboot_r20160907_seabios_d945gclf/d945gclf_txtmode.rom extract -n vgaroms/vgabios.bin -f vgabios.bin
cbfstool rom add  -f vgabios.bin -n vgaroms/vgabios.bin -t raw
cbfstool rom remove -n bootorder
cbfstool rom remove -n etc/show-boot-menu
cbfstool rom add-int -i 2 -n etc/pci-optionrom-exec
sudo flashrom -p internal -w rom

Then backup $HOSTNAME.libreboot.rom to a different machine