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Disable thinkpad battery beep with nvramtool

This method applies a hard-coded variable to the LibreBoot / Coreboot ROM that tells it to not load external option roms. (LibreBoot from 2016 loads option roms by default.)

Documentation on this method

Tools can be found here:

Bash Script to backup the rom, make the changes, and flash the modified rom to the system.


# Disable battery beeps and alarm on librebooted Thinkpad laptops.

# Run this script with:
#   sudo bash

# Based on

# Initialization checks

# Check for /bin/bash.
if [ "$BASH_VERSION" = '' ]; then
  echo "You are not using bash."
  echo "Use this syntax instead:"
  echo "sudo bash"
  exit 1

# Check for root.
if <span class="createlink"> &#36;EUID -ne 0 </span>; then
  echo "This script must be run as root"
  exit 1

# Check networking
#   check-for-internet-connectivity
echo Checking network...
if ping -q -c 1 -W 1 >/dev/null; then
  echo "The network is up."
  echo "The network is down."
  echo "Check connection and restart script!"
  exit 1

echo "Installing dependencies..."
apt update
apt install -y libftdi1
tar xvf libreboot_r20160907_util.tar.xz
mkdir -p

echo "Extracing libreboot image..."
romfile=roms/t400-$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M).rom
mkdir -p roms
./libreboot_r20160907_util/flashrom/x86_64/flashrom -p internal -r ./$romfile

echo "Backing up libreboot image..."
cp $romfile $romfile.bak

echo "Modifying libreboot image..."
./libreboot_r20160907_util/nvramtool/x86_64/nvramtool -v

./libreboot_r20160907_util/nvramtool/x86_64/nvramtool -C ./$romfile -w power\_management\_beeps=Disable
./libreboot_r20160907_util/nvramtool/x86_64/nvramtool -C ./$romfile -w low\_battery\_beep=Disable

echo "Flashing modified libreboot image..."
./libreboot_r20160907_util/flashrom/x86_64/flashrom -p internal -w $romfile