Savane setup

As of 2024-02, Savane is installed and runs on mgt1, download0, vcs0, vcs1, vcs2, frontend2. The installation procedure is quite uniform.

The bootstrapped Git repository is located at /opt/src/savane; the package is built in /root/build-savane/build. /root/build-savane has a link savane-bootstrapped pointing at /opt/src/savane.

The configuration is maintained in /etc/savane: either Savane is configured with --sysconfdir=/etc, or /opt/savane/etc/savane contain links to the files from /etc/savane.

Basic steps to update Savane after logging in as root the machine in question are:

  • cd ~/build-savane/savane-bootstrapped; git fetch origin
  • git diff --color=always HEAD origin/frontend
  • git reset --hard origin/frontend; autoreconf -vf
  • cd ~/build-savane/build; make all install{,check}

Additional steps the admin does in certain cases are:

  • Check the command line of configure,

    ~/build-savane/build/config.status --config

    and add new options.

  • Backup the previous installation,

    rm -fr /opt/savane~ cp -a /opt/savane{,~}

  • Update configuration files in /etc/savane. 'make install' keeps the existing configuration files unchanged.

Common settings

The existing database from the 'internal' VM is used, so the --disable-database configure option should be used.

Machine specifics


The only machine where --disable-frontend is not used; --enable-changelog is also not used because the source code is offered via Cgit.


The users don't interact with this machine, no access is provided, so the source code isn't offered, and --enable-changelog isn't needed here.


The offer from sv_membersh suggests an rsync option that omits the '.git' directory, so --enable-changelog is used as a way to list the changes made in original software. (As of 2024-04, sv_membersh isn't used on vcs machines, but that doesn't invalidate the Savane setup above and the possibility to get the corresponding source code of the running instance.)


In addition to --enable-changelog discussed in the preivous section, the configure script runs with --enable-mirror, that switches on mirror-redirect and other mirror-related scripts.

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