Removing an existing project

If a project has had nontrivial content of any sort created in it (source code, bug reports, etc.), we will not remove it from Savannah. Only essentially empty projects, or those approved by mistake, will be removed.

If developers wish to move continuing work off Savannah, various changes can be made in the Savannah project to minimize confusion, for example:

  • change the project description to say it's moved.
  • change the project status to Undefined.
  • make repositories read-only, via a support request.

Administrative steps for removal

  • Authentify the project administrator (eg. have him/her send a GPG signed confirmation)
  • Mark it as deleted in Savane, so nobody change it
  • Ask the project admin about deleting the mailing lists
  • run infra/maintenance/ PROJNAME # probably doesn't work
    • a backup of the project's sources will be put in ~/deleted-projects/
    • ??? mailing lists are still present in the database after project deletion, we should remove them as well