In addition to the tracking features provided by Savannah, we also support an implementation of Debbugs used by many GNU Projects. This page provides a place to organize and chronicle our efforts to better document this service.


[-] Document our Debbugs and how to operate it

[ ] Create a run-book from that

[ ] Bolt to Savannah/Stand-alone WebUI/...? Profit

[-] Journal about it (see below)

TODO Feel free to replace above basic top-level TODO ian/anyone

Plans and Intentions

This section is for overall approach information. It should include both groups of repeatable steps as well as groups of TODO lists, which should be in sub-sections within this one or sub-pages linked from here. Later, we will reorganize these into our "run-book", perhaps replacing the subsections you find ([ ] would have found?) below the Tips and Ground Rules sections, until the Archaeological Support Journal begins.


  • Use inline code to surround your [ and ] when making checkboxes.

  • Leave all boxes unfilled for non-TODO lists (i.e. well tested sequences).

  • Name/label sequence items based on "deliverables"; consider what changed or can be tested/measured, to help identify them.

Ground Rules

A few task specific approach suggestions/expectations.

  1. Tell the story here. Important work, discoveries, discussion, etc. should be placed, documented, or linked here under the Archaeological Support Journal header below, newest top-most.

  2. Communicate first. When changing this plan especially, but also when starting or completing work listed, or when in doubt, email (or, if you feel your message must contain information you believe may be sensitive,

  3. Resolve disagreements by consensus, if possible. If there is a disagreement try to use the mailing lists and/or this page (considering: create a subpage for each discussion), to reach consensus. Discuss impasses at the volunteers meeting. In case all this should fail, the project lead is Corwin Brust with supervision/appeal by/to Bob, Amin, Ian Kelling.

Example Punch-List Title

[x] thing I already did (me_svh_uname)

[-] thing I started

[ ] thing not begun

Archaeological Support Journal

2023-10-28 17:26:12 CDT (corwin): Completing a first draft of this page

I've confirmed I can see this page on!


I might move things around into subpages right now, but for the moment I suspect this approach (### sections per journal entry) keeps things nice and easy (especially for anyone beside me who might be planning to update this page).

I have filled in some more stuff to help begin organizing the top of the form. If you are seeing this as the top post please don't be shy in throw in your thoughts and boldly reoganizing, anything up to rewriting others' blog posts for now, eh?

2023-10-28 16:50:12 CDT (corwin): I have publish the page (maybe!)

Even if this works, I still have a few of my original handwritten notes to transcribe. Meanwhile, relearning subversion has been entertaining.

2023-10-28 13:38:48 CDT (corwin): I have created the page (finally!)

Initial version of the page is based on notes/discussion/thought subsequent to the "volunteers meeting" last Wednesday, where I agreed to do so. I'm excited to try to improve the state of documentation, of source as well as of process and /procedure and historical purposes.