As Savannah superuser, that is, do "become superuser" (in the main left hand menu bar) in the web interface:

  • click on the 'Group Administration' link in the original submission of this tracker item.
  • check the project name, group type, license. To be an official GNU project it must be listed in; otherwise, the project must be evaluated first per Or it can be evaluated and approved as a non-GNU project; usually submitters choose "official GNU" by mistake, please discuss with them.
  • if all is ok, set the status to 'Active' and save (click the 'Update' button) if necessary. Do this before any of the following steps.
  • click the green 'V' icon.
  • click the 'configure' (screwdriver & wrench) icon.
  • close the tracker item: change status to done, open/closed to closed, assign it to yourself, and write a comment (which will be seen by the OP).

Following that it will take approximately one hour for the cron jobs to run and the project to be fully populated (for the sake of, e.g., ImportingCVSRepository): make groups in the database-based accounts system, replicate the groups to Savannah hosts, create repositories on vcs, etc.

Of course, do not approve the project unless it actually meets our requirements. These are spelled out at HowToGetYourProjectApprovedQuickly.