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GNUbatch 1.5 released

Item posted by John Collins <toadwarble> on Tue 26 Jun 2012 04:46:20 PM UTC.

I have just uploaded release 1.5.

Fixed a "dawn of time" inconsistency in the handling of file names in redirections - now expand $env_vars, ~user, %t for job title etc and also `cmd` constructs.

Most of the network handling has been rewritten to not require very much in the hosts file for connections between servers.

The API has been cleaned up a bit. In most cases the user name supplied is "mapped" to a name on the server using a user map file.

There are some hooks for the new clients intended to be available in MS Windows (not included in this release, but I hope to finish them by end of August 2012).

A few minor bugs have been detected and corrected.

Some field sizes are changed, but this will only affect the API, so please compile and link with the new version of the API if you are using it.


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