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FreeIPMI 1.1.5 Released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Thu 17 May 2012 08:58:29 PM UTC.

FreeIPMI 1.1.5 - 05/17/12
o Support Supermicro OEM sensors/SEL on H8DGU-F motherboards.
o In ipmiconsole, fix password length check bug.
o In bmc-watchdog, fix --start-if-stopped and --reset-if-running
o In ipmidetectd, fix usage output typos.
o In ipmi-sensors-config, fix several parallel output corner
o For consistency to other tools, turn on quiet-caching if
communicating with multiple hosts in bmc-device and ipmi-oem.
o In ipmi-sensors, fix bug in which multiple workarounds could
not be used or used in combination with bridging.
o Fix start run levels in ipmidetectd init script.

o In libfreeipmi fru-parse API, handle additional device busy


o Various documentation updates.


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