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tar 1.28

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sun Jul 27 21:19:11 2014.

GNU tar version 1.28 is available for download.

New in this release:

New checkpoint action: totals

The --checkpoint-action=totals option instructs tar to output the total number of bytes transferred at each checkpoint.

Extended checkpoint format specification

New conversion specifiers are implemented. Some of them take optional arguments, supplied in curly braces between the percent
sign and the specifier letter.

New option --one-top-level

The option --one-top-level tells tar to extract all files into a subdirectory named by the base name of the archive (minus standard compression suffixes recognizable by --auto-compress). When used with an argument, as in --one-top-level=DIR, the files are extracted into the supplied directory. This ensures that no archive members are extracted outside of the specified directory, even if the archive is crafted so as to put them elsewhere.

New option --sort

The --sort=ORDER option instructs tar to sort directory entries according to ORDER. It takes effect when creating archives. Available _ORDER_s are: none (the default), name and inode. The latter may be absent, if the underlying system does not provide the necessary information.

Using --sort=name ensures the member ordering in the created archive is uniform and reproducible. Using --sort=inode reduces the number of disk seeks made when creating the archive and thus can considerably speed up archivation.

New exclusion options


Before dumping a directory check if it contains FILE, and if so read exclude patterns for this directory from it.


Same as above, but the exclusion patterns read from FILE remain in effect for any subdirectory, recursively.


Read exclude tags from VCS ignore files, where such files exist. Supported VCS's are: CVS, Git, Bazaar, Mercurial.

Tar refuses to read input from and write output to a tty device


This release includes official tar(1) and rmt(8) manpages. Distribution maintainers are kindly asked to use these instead of the home-made pages they have been providing so far.


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