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GNUBatch 1.9 Released

Item posted by John Collins <toadwarble> on Tue 20 Aug 2013 06:47:05 PM UTC.

I've just uploaded GNUBatch 1.9

The main difference is that there is now an option to save jobs (via "unqueue", but also from gbch-xr) in a single XML file rather than a "script" file and a "command" file.

To support this there is a new command "gbch-s" to submit jobs saved in such a way and a program to back up the jobs as XML files.

I've slightly changed the format of saved jobs on the PyQt interface and everything should be consistent.

gbch-xr has been rather radically revised, hopefully much cleaner.

Note that you need libxml2-dev to build all of this but it won't break without it.


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