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GNU CSSC 1.3.0 rc1 is released

Item posted by James Youngman <jay> on Sun 16 May 2010 07:02:31 PM UTC.

I'm pleased to announce the release of GNU CSSC, version

This is a release candidate for a stable release and follows the previous stable release 1.2.0.  The "rc1" suffix indicates this is a release candidate; if no bugs are discovered it will be released on the main GNU FTP site as version 1.3.0.  If bugs are discovered there will be a 1.3.0rc2 release, and so on.

Stable releases of CSSC are available from  Development releases and release candidates are avilable from

CSSC ("Compatibly Stupid Source Control") is the GNU project's replacement for the traditional Unix SCCS suite.  It aims for full compatibility, including precise nuances of behaviour, support for all command-line options, and in most cases bug-for-bug compatibility.  CSSC comes with an extensive automated test suite.

If you are currently using SCCS to do version control of software, you should be able to just drop in CSSC, even for example if you have a large number of shell scripts which are layered on top of SCCS and depend on it.  This should allow you to develop on and for the GNU/Linux platform if your source code exists only in an SCCS repository.  CSSC also allows you to migrate to a more modern version control system (such as CVS or git).

There is a mailing list for users of the CSSC suite.  To join it, please send email to <> or visit the URL

For more information about CSSC, please see

In the file docs/CREDITS within the CSSC distribution, there is a full list of people who have contributed to the development of CSSC.  They are listed briefly here :-

James Youngman, Ross Ridge, Eric Allman, Lars Hecking,  Larry McVoy, Dave Bodenstab, Malcolm Boff, Richard Polton,  Fila Kolodny, Peter Kjellerstedt, John Interrante,  Marko Rauhamaa, Achim Hoffann, Dick Streefland,  Greg A. Woods, Aron Griffis, Michael Sterrett,  William W. Austin, Hyman Rosen, Mark Reynolds, Sergey Ostashenko, Frank van Maarseveen, Jeff Sheinberg,  Thomas Duffy, Yann Dirson

Many thanks to all the above people. 

Changes since the previous release are:

  • The CSSC manual is now published under version 1.3 of the GNU Free Documentation License.

  • The code and build system have been modernised and some redundant files have been removed.  This may make it harder to build CSSC on very old systems.  However, it's now easier to maintain.  If CSSC no longer builds on a system that's important to you, please send mail to <> explaining your problem.

  • CSSC now uses the GNU portability library, gnulib.

  • CSSC now requires a C++ compiler with working exceptions and a working STL implementation.

  • Adoption of some STL data structures has made some parts of CSSC faster, notably "val".

  • CSSC now includes unit tests.  We also run the y2k tests for "make check".  If valgrind is installed, it will be used to for verification during tests.  You can turn this off by givig the --without-valgrind option to configure.

  • The configure script now supports a new option "--enable-warnings" which enables many GCC warning options.

Checksums for the release file are:
sha1 246cee6888cc2385bd28e01650fa68dcbc2961a9  CSSC-1.3.0rc1.tar.gz
sha512 6ecf6507e0d69779208b535eadc769c3d248b4c67ffefa8de3b6302b3ce55d42a05480797cf9c0ef66cc7b20ebcce04af4be2245ad7781ba131281c68e2eb5b7  CSSC-1.3.0rc1.tar.gz

Please report any bugs via this software to the CSSC bug reporting page,


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