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Release 0.8.6 available

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Sat 04 Jul 2009 07:35:29 AM UTC.

New feaures of the release:
      * [Done]Downloading new commands and edit scripts between releases
        of Denemo
      * [Done]Improvements to MIDI out, Tempo and Volume changes and
        MIDI message inserts.
      * [Done]Improvements to Lyrics: Edit lyrics in text editor and see
        the syllable placement as you type. Multiple verses per voice
      * [Done] Denemo can update its set of commands (scripted menu
        items) without recompiling by connecting to its online server.
      * [Done]Pasting LilyPond text directly into the Denemo window. By
        pasting the actual music text a Denemo editable score can be
        created from almost any LilyPond file.
      * [Done]Unfinished measure indicator. Shows you which measures are
        short of notes/rests.
      * [Done]Easy generation of new commands from an existing example:
        no knowledge of scheme required!
      * [Done] With JACK, the playback starts from the cursor or plays
        back the selection if there is one. All this happens without
        re-creating the MIDI data, and in any case without generating
        external files.
      * [Done] Easier setting/unsetting the selection by mouse clicks.
      * [Done] Volume and Tempo changes in MIDI output, and insertion of
        arbitrary MIDI messages at any point in the music.
      * [Done] Display of attributes set on the Score and separately on
        each movement: Titles, page breaks etc are now displayed & can
        be clicked on to edit them.
      * [Done] Popup attributes set on Staffs and Voices so they can be
      * [Done] Fix positioning cursor with mouse even when there are
        several voices on a staff.
      * [Done] Timebase - after MIDI playback the timing of a note is
        given on the status bar when the cursor is moved onto it
        (minutes, seconds and centiseconds).

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