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New web pages

Item posted by Steve White <Stevan_White> on Sun 24 Aug 2008 06:34:08 PM UTC.

Check them out!

This is in anticipation of a new release of the font itself.

Particularly, note the "coverage" page, which contains a table of character ranges vs. their coverage by the different faces of FreeFont.  The table was generated by a FontForge script, now in CVS.

Also, the article "Why Unicode fonts" goes into some detail into why we are making the font in the first place, and explains some new policies concerning quality and inclusion of scripts.

To do:

I have here a lot of test pages I would like to put up as well, but they really aren't fit for public consumption yet. I thought a gentle comparison of FreeFont with other Unicode families (especially DejaVu) would be in order.

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