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Protyping to help develop a solid plan

Item posted by R. S. Doiel <rsdoiel> on Sun 26 Sep 2004 05:47:25 PM UTC.

The idea of abcsh has evolved over time and continues to evolve and change.  It started as a series of short, simple Perl scripts for processing ABC Music Notation files for a web site.  Later these code more structured and rewritten in Python.  They have been rewritten several times in python turning more and more into a shell like utility.  About a year ago I thought I about writing a C program that would embed Python and other scripting languages so that I could extend the utility in a moduler fashion and possibilty interest others in using it as well.

Given the nature of C programs (and the fact that it has been many, many years since I did C programming) I think it is very important to correctly indentify core functionality for abcsh.  I am probably going to prototype some of the functionality in a familair high level language.  The question I need to decide on is do I write this completely in the high level language first or do I get a C wrapper around a scripting language (say Guile as I need to learn it anyway) and do the prototype that way?  I'll need to decide this before I move forward.

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