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Online demo against software patents!

Item posted by Rudy Gevaert <rudy> on Sun Aug 24 14:16:37 2003.

In the face of the planned decision in the beginning of September
concerning the legalization of Software Patents in Europe, the FFII[1]
is organizing a wave of protest[2]. Savannah Projects are encouraged
to participate in the accompanying Online Demo[3].

The idea of the Online Demo is that with software
patents many sites running/serving possibly patent infringing software
have to go offline sooner or later. So why not demonstrate this effect
before it's too late?

To find out whether a project is already infringing upon patents, the
following resources are of interest:
(*) : European Software
Patent Horror Gallery
(*) :The EPO's patent data base (includes US
and other patents)
(*)>: Some examples (in German)

Note that in spite of the current legislation (see Art. 52 of the European Patent Convention) many trivial software patents
have already been granted in Europe.



End of the story (posted by Mathieu Roy, Thu Sep 25 11:23:32 2003)

The text adopted follows the recommendations of

Basically, we've won :))

list of web sites closed on savannah ? (posted by Yves Mettier, Thu Aug 28 22:17:06 2003)


Just wondering: is there a list of web sites closed on savannah ?
Or at least some statistics nb_closed_sites/nb_sites ?


Vote reported (posted by Mathieu Roy, Thu Aug 28 20:49:55 2003)

The vote is reported to September the 22th, so we shut off the demo for now.

I would like to join... (posted by Beda Kosata, Wed Aug 27 07:21:27 2003)

...but as the server does not update the protest page is sitting in the CVS :(



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