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GLOBAL-4.6 released.

Item posted by Shigio YAMAGUCHI <shigio> on Wed Jul 2 03:54:32 2003.

Hello hackers,

It is my great pleasure to announce the release of GLOBAL-4.6.
You can download it from <>.


  • The default value of the config variable 'definition_header' was changed

to 'no', because the definition header is unsightly according to the place,
especially in class definition.


  • Added support for PHP language.

(Known problems in htags)
- The variable in string cannot be recognized.(global can recognize that.)
- In HTML, the character string of the same spelling as the reserved
word of PHP is recognized as a reserved word of PHP.
I will rewrite htags in C language in the future to solve above problems.

  • Added support for SCM_DEFINE macro which is part of guile-snarf.
  • Added 'right' as a value of config variable 'definition_header'.
  • Added some tool tips.

- Alphabet in alphabetical index shows the count of definitions.
- File name in file index show the full path name.
- Anchor to duplicate index show the number of duplicated objects.

  • Added .cvsrc,.cvsignore,.cvspass,.cvswrappers,autom4te.cache/

to the default skip list.

Always thanks to Hideki Iwamoto san for his contribution.



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