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Architectural changes

Item posted by Luca Saiu <positrone> on Sun Feb 2 23:09:34 2003.

Yesterday (1st February 2003) I finished implementing the eAM linker and the epsilon-Abstract-Machine-executable to C (or Scheme) translation. It worked perfectly, and all modifications were committed to CVS.

Yet, the current compilation scheme does not satisfy me. It involves compiling->assembling->linking->generating C/Scheme; in the case of C, the target code must be finally compiled with GCC to obtain an executable. This last compilation pass is very slow, since it involves the recompilation of all used modules every time. The separate compilation idea, with the current model, only applies in the phases before eAM linking, and those phases are indeed quite fast, so there is little need of separate compilation.

We need a different compilation model enabling us to reduce compilation time. This change must take place before the first relase of epsilon as "GNU epsilon", so the release date must be shifted. The first GNU relase must be at a bare minimum usable, if not complete, not to damage the reputation of the GNU Project.

On the good side, I think it won't take a very long time to fix the code according to a new model.

Stay tuned. We are preparing a little very pretty language.


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