ttva and ttya should have half tta + va or ya, it should be used also in Hindi
त्त्य Funny entry in table, instead of tadeva virama tadeva, it looks for ta-half tadeva. Different from other entries in Devanagari general-subtable. But adding tadeva virama tadeva made no difference So added ta-half ta-half. That did it! Why is this case different?

tkra and ttra look strange to my eyes, are they really used in any word?

ptya should be composed of half pta + ya in Sanskrit, the current version is used in Hindi
प्ट्य dev_pa__ta__half.pres added a subtable to Sanskrit. *** need to check

ktrya is wrong, krya is displayed instead

ktra is Hindi form, I think that Sanskrit form should be different. I will try to find correct Sanskrit shapes of ktra and ktrya

k.sya is wrong, half should be followed by ya
Made half subtable that generally takes to Is that right?

j~nya is wrong as well, half j~na should be followed by ya
ज्ञ्य ?
looks like ja-nya-ya -- dev_ja__nya__half.pres + yadeva Made entry in half subtable as did for k.sya.